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Thursday, November 17, 2011

We have a 15 month old - Really??

Time just seems to be passing us by and I can't believe my baby is already 15 months old!!! He's definitely keeping us busy and on our toes.

Henry has given up the whole walking bit and just runs everywhere! He's also big into climbing on everything, including our couches, the coffee table and he can race up the stairs in no time!

We are working on our vocabulary and signing. Thus far he does a lot of his own language, but also incorporates words that Henry and I can understand too! If you count to 3 with him, he can't quite make out all the words, but mimics the same tone. His favorite word is more, along with signing it. We can now sign: more (and say it), all done (and say it), please (we're working on that vocab), thank you and we almost have drink down.
We've also been working on our colors and he recognize blue, green and sometimes yellow.

Henry also enjoys talking on the phone - his pretend phone that is (or one of my old ones - or actually anything for that matter). Henry (daddy) actually asked me a couple of weeks ago if something was wrong with Henry's ear, and I just explained that he's a popular person and has a lot of phone calls lately :)

(Stethoscope or phone - who knows??)

(Just doing his morning conference calls)

Weight: 21 lbs 10 oz (12.6% for age)
Height: 30 1/4 in (24% for age)

Food: Henry's favorite foods include but are not limited to: Strawberries, blueberries, bananas, avocados, pears, apples, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, chicken (baked not fingers), grilled cheese, cheese, yogurt, oatmeal, vanilla wafers, graham crackers, and the list could go on. He's definitely our good eater!

Milk: We're currently advancing with our whole (cows) milk to formula ratio and he can now tolerate 6 oz whole milk to 2 oz formula - so happy he's tolerating it. I asked today at his appointment if I should be careful the next time around just to be ahead of the game and Henry's doc agreed that I should try and eliminate milk products from my diet. It's really not a huge deal to me since I drink Almond milk - the biggest part is that I love my yogurt :(

Sleep: With such a full belly from all is fav foods, he's been sleeping wonderfully! I put him down around 6:45p and he sleeps straight through until 6-8am. I had stopped with the sleep sacks around his 1st birthday, but with it getting cold again and him being a crazy sleeper, I've started to use them again! Another issue we're having once again is that if he does wake up early, he does so because he's soaked through his diaper, onesie and often his sleeper :( I've limited the amount of water the lil guy can have with dinner and it's working thus far - fingers crossed!

Teeth: He's currently working on his 7th and 8th tooth.

We're currently working on Henry understanding the work no, but he now just stands there and shakes his finger back at you - it's really hard to not laugh!!

Favorite toys: The swifter, vacuum, broom, rake - pretty much anything that's not a toy! He also loves playing with his tractors - making the noises and all!

(Trying on Daddy's boots)

(Henry's own boots - only 4 sizes too big)

(BIG helper)

(Will clean for free!)


  1. What a cutie and such a great helper!! We are great at making messes but not so good at cleaning them up!! Way to go Henry : )

    Lauren also still uses her sleep sack and loves it -- she can't go to sleep without it!

  2. What a cutie! I can't believe how big he is getting. Andi and I were just saying, he was Tory's age when we came out to Philly and visited you last November. It's hard to believe she'll be that big one day! Time really does go too fast with little ones.

    I can't wait to come out and visit you guys this spring. Miss you!