Stay-at-home mama enjoying every changing moment with our lil guy!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The countdown begins...

It's officially 6 weeks until we leave for the Caribbean!!! For Christmas, Henry's team gave him a very generous gift: a Four Seasons gift card. Why not use it somewhere warm and relaxing?? This year we'll be going to St. Kitts and Nevis, two islands that aren't very well traveled!

This is a pic from last year's Babymoon!

I'm looking forward to being able to drink and enjoy myself this year, since last year I was 20 weeks along and was super cautious with everything from what I ate, drank and how much sunshine I got!

Also, this trip starts the process of making a sibling for little Henry...EXCITING!!! If we were to get pregnant right away, they'd be 18 months apart...PERFECT! I'm hoping this time around a couple of Henry's X chromosomes show up!! I'd be happy with either boy or girl...but I do think we need a little pink and purple in this house!

I also promised myself that I'd put the laziness aside starting today so down to the treadmill I go...since it's too cold outside for a run :(

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday Funday ;)

So our Sunday started out like any other weekend day. We got up, daddy and Henry played with block and mastered building towers and knocking them over, and we went to church at 9am. Henry loves church, he just sings and talks the entire time! It's funny because when I was prego, he was always super active in church!

When we came home, we made a nice brunch, daddy went into the office to do a little work and Henry and I continued to play with blocks!

When daddy was done in the office, we decided to go for a nice walk around the golf course. This was around 3:30pm. Henry just talked away on the walk and was wide awake. During our walk, (big) Henry and I talked about going out to dinner since it was such a nice night and he was leaving today. So we came home around 4:15pm and I fed Henry. Well I guess we can say he wears the pants in this household because he fell asleep during his bottle, and he was OUT! I didn't feel like waking him to feed him his dinner because he didn't really nap well yesterday. So we let him sleep. He typically isn't a great napper, and usually only sleeps like 30-45 minutes. We don't complain just because he sleeps 12+ hours straight at night. Well, he must have wanted to stay in for the night because he slept for 1 1/2 hours, which then forced us to stay in because by 6:30-7 he's SO ready for bed!

Well, when he woke up I can tell you he was WELL rested! I go to feed him his dinner and he has it EVERYWHERE!!! He usually is pretty good with it and likes his food so much he eats every bite...not tonight. He had it in his hair, up and down his arms and as you can tell ALL over his face! It was bath night anyway so I didn't really mind.

So I take him upstairs to bathe him, and this is where the fun REALLY begins! I put him in the tub and he decides to poop...lovely! So I promptly take him out, clean him off, lay him on the floor and clean out the tub (both big and small) and refill it. I put him back into the clean bathtub and he is having a great time. He had such a great time that he had ALL the water splashed out of the tub...I kid you not! There was only an inch of water left and I'm not sure who was more wet, Henry or I! He LOVES bath time, but last night more than any! I take him out and start drying him off and we're just singing, I uncover him to put lotion on him and he starts to potty...why not right?!?!? He starts laughing which then makes me start laughing! I knew at this point that he was going to sleep great since he expended all his energy!

Thanks to Aunt Heather and Uncle Andi, we had this super cute outfit to put on once we were clean...thanks!!!

So that sums up our Sunday!! Henry and I ended up cooking a light dinner, drinking a beer and watching a movie, a great way to end the weekend!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A little (non-baby) venting...

So I really can't complain about my work situation too much, however I'm going to for just a little bit :) So to keep my job at CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) I am doing Per Diem and I only have to work a minimum of 24 hours every quarter or 3 months. Nothing to complain about right?!?! Well I have to disagree for just this instance! I love, love, love my job, but not doing it too often really gets me nervous when I do go in. We are currently in one of our busiest times at the hospital and are actually at a historical high for census and acuity...meaning there are a lot of patients and they are VERY sick!! It's so bad that in order to get us to do overtime, they aren't just paying us time and a half, they're paying us an extra $40+/ can one say NO to this?
Well the quarter ends April 2nd, which means I am doing a shift this coming Saturday. The hardest part is that I miss seeing Henry for the entire day...and daddy for most of the day. I have to get up at 4 am, leave by 5 am and I usually don't get home until 8:30 or 9 that's a long day!! It's also hard since big Henry has been traveling so much that the weekends are when we get to catch up...lucky for me he's been home this entire week so it kind of makes up for it!!
I'm super nervous to go into work since I haven't been there since January when we went to a whole new computer system...which only adds to the stress of a normal day on the floor. I usually have what seem to be ulcers flaring up in my tummy before I find out my assignment for the day. The floor I work on is where all the critical patients come from all over the region and world and we see EVERYTHING there. On our floor you really do come to work to save lives and we are are on a 1:1 ratio with our patients. I've only had to do CPR a couple of times, however when you're prego you're not allowed to do could cause you to go into let's just say it's been awhile since I've done it!! Side-note: We're not even allowed to go to the bathroom without getting one of the extra nurses on the floor to watch your patient for that 3 imagine what a 12-13 hour day for a prego nurse is that was hard!
The great thing about work is that I love all the people I work with and I actually graduated college with a bunch of them!! It is definitely a rewarding job and I wouldn't want it any other way! It keeps my brain a going...that's for sure!

Ok...I feel a lot better...whew!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Information from your friendly nurse...

Rear facing until age 2!!! New AAP Safety Seat Guidelines

Thought I'd throw in a pic of Henry's first time in his car seat!

Henry's favorites

We were blessed with amazing weather this past weekend! On Friday it reached 75 degrees so Henry was able to experience playing outside with his cousins in the grass for the first time and he LOVED it!!!

The week before last we did couple night stay at friends house and had a playweek with Ms Adrianna and Mr Cullen. It was such a great time and always fun to see how much they've grown since we've seen them a month ago!

Henry looks left out, but that's just because Cullen and Adrianna can't sit so we had them lean together so they wouldn't fall over :)

Every morning when we get up, Henry gets to play in his 'big boy' toy and he LOVES it!!! He goes wild in this thing and it cracks me up every day!

So grandma came and stayed with us last week, because she started back at work today!!! Henry loves it when she's here. We went back home to Camp Hill for the weekend so Henry was able to be spoiled by both grandmas!!!

Henry LOVES daddy's watch!! Daddy promised him that he could have it when he gets older!

Henry's newest accomplishment...up on all fours and pushing himself forward!! He's not quite crawling but he does get to where he want to be! I'm just counting down the days until my peaceful afternoons of him just playing on his quilt are over...pretty soon I'll be running around the house after him!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mommy's little mover

So last week I left the living room to do a few dishes in the kitchen (I'm not a bad mama, you can see the living room from our kitchen!). I left Henry on his playmat to obviously play, and when I returned like 2 minutes later, he had scooted all the way across the hardwood floors and was working himself under the rocking chair!! I love how you can see his 'trail of toys' that he left behind on the way!

He seemed pretty proud of himself, and since then he hasn't stopped! Guess I can no longer leave him for a quick second, you never know where he'll end up!

This past weekend we went back home to Camp Hill to visit family! We left early Saturday morning, made our first stop and my parents house, then went to Henry's sister's (Mary) son Henry's (you got that!) last basketball game, then back over to Henry's parents house. All 10 of Mary's kids came over, which is always a good time! My parents also came over and everyone had dinner together. On Sunday after church, we left and headed to Lancaster PA which is on our way home anyway. This is where my mother-in-law's mother lives and where Henry's mom grew up. We spent the after noon with Mammaw (as Henry has always called her) and she got to meet lil Henry for the first time! She's a very tiny lady so Henry looks enormous!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So I love doing laundry, always have. It's kind of like a stress reliever for me...don't ask me why! Since having Henry, I've been able to practice my love of laundry on an every other day basis! Well recently, Henry has taken a liking to sleep on his tummy at night with his lil tush in the air...super cute! At first my nurse instincts kicked in and I was checking on him every 30 minutes or so, I can turn him back over but he then just shows off his skills and he's back on him tummy in no time! I'm finally getting more comfortable with it, but now that's not the biggest problem. Since he started doing this, he has also started waking up wet :( It was like clockwork initially, he'd fuss a little around 9:30pm, I'd go in there and turn him on his back, he'd continue to fuss (which totally isn't like him). So the first night I took him out of his crib and tried rocking him. I felt something strange, and then realized he was soaked on his front side. I stripped him down, changed him and put new clothes on and back to sleep he went, in a matter of seconds! The second night he again woke up around 9:30pm (not quite awake, just fussing), so I immediately checked to see if he was wet, and again he was! This time I kept him in his crib, stripped him down, changed him and he didn't even wake up the entire time I was doing this...amazing!
So I've done some research and I guess this happens to a lot of mothers out there who have boys! Suggestions were: go up a size in the diaper, make it tighter, point 'it' down and so on. The only thing left for me to do was to go up a size, so that's what I tried last lil man in a size 3 diaper...he's growing too fast. Anyway, I checked on him at 9:30pm and he was dry...sweet!!! So to bed I went. I woke up at 4:30ish and he was still in there sound asleep (so I saw on our video monitor). He woke up around 5:15 to feed, and when I went to change him I noticed he was a little! So I again changed everything and back to sleep he went. Oh the joy of having a boy. Back to doing more research on what I can do next, one thing I read was to put a cloth diaper over his so that you only have to change that if need be...I may just have to try that! So with starting solids, the normal every day laundry and now this, I swear I could do laundry every day and never be quite done with it!

But who can complain about something small like this when you have this face to look at!

Reading one of our favorite books, the Runaway Bunny!

Family picture after church this past weekend!