Stay-at-home mama enjoying every changing moment with our lil guy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Bunny

We made a trip to the Easter Bunny today! What a great day it was, 80 degrees and sunny so I didn't have to feel like a bad mom having Henry in his Easter outfit (shortalls/overalls).

sorry for the bad quality, it's a picture of the picture
(He was a little tired and more interested in the fan,that was keeping the bunny cool, to smile)

A few pics from this week:

Saturday Morning Football

The Easter Bunny came a week early and delivered a new toy!

Making Henry's food for the week!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mama's lil fighter

Henry's father was a boxer growing up, he even boxed for the Golden Gloves! He was in the trials for the 1952 Olympics, however he crushed his arm while trying to help his brother out of the ocean. Whenever we go home now, he gives lil Henry boxing lessons, and the lil guy always has a great time.

Last night we had a boxing match, and he definitely won. Enjoy the video!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Teething and/or Cold

Henry woke up yesterday with a runny nose :( He isn't coughing and he's fine otherwise so I'm not sure if it's a cold or him teething?? These teeth have to be coming in soon. Last week when we were at the Hematologist, she asked how many teeth he had and I said zero! She guesses that he'll wake up one of the mornings with like 4 teeth...we'll see! Last week he was also pulling on his left ear (another teething sign) so I had her check it out and no ear infection!! This poor little boy, I feel so badly for him He is chewing on EVERYTHING in sight!!

Other news to note: We are now using our bath seat and he's loving it!!! Funny story: The other night I'm giving him his bath and his new seat is a little slippery (there's a bar in between the legs so that they can't slide through) and he slides so that his not-so-soon-to-be manly parts hit the bar. I usually just boost him back up and he continues with his splashing! Well this time he decided that he needs to go to the bathroom and the stream when straight up in the air and almost got me...oh the joys of having a boy!!

Today I had him walking around with me holding onto his hands. We walked by the couch where my phone and the remote were (2 things that he is obsessed with!) and grabbed onto the couch and stood up alone. I was only able to get a photo with my phone (so excuse the quality) just because our coffee table is behind the couch and I was too scared that he would fall and hit his head.

Yesterday it reached 84 degrees so we were outside ALL day!! We went on 2 jogs and had a picnic out front! I guess the fresh air got to Henry because he crashed!!

Last weekend we decided to do an early dinner and not get a sitter and just take the little guy along...he did great!! He loves people watching! He's so good when we're out and about!

I'm counting down the days until Easter!! I gave up cheese and all sweets!! I'm not a huge sweets person, but when I give it up I always want it more! I also can't wait to put Henry's Easter outfit's super cute!! Stay tuned for photos!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Great News!

Henry had his hematology appointment on Monday and we got great news: Henry's platelets are again normal!! Next appointment is in 3 months and if that's normal, we are in the clear and no longer have to get his blood checked frequently! With his clothes on, he weighed a whopping 17.5 lbs and is approaching 27 inches in length!! His hematologist couldn't believe he's already crawling around the house and he even waved bye to her...that was a first!! She even tried it again to make sure and yes, he waved back!! He was a trooper for his appointment and didn't even cry when they took his blood!

Another first, we are on a guest pass at our gym just to try it out and they have a childcare center while you workout! Under 12 months of age, you're allotted 1 1/2 hours of included childcare!! So I've never left him with 'random' people, we've only left him with a babysitter that we interviewed prior. (side note: this is where my job gets in the way of everyday life, I see the worse case scenarios which then makes it harder to deal with leaving him with someone else) Anyway, Saturday we left him there for like 40 minutes while we worked out. Today I did a class with one of my neighbors, and he was down there for over an hour and obviously was fine! Me on the other hand can barely walk from that workout!

It amazes me how quickly he's growing up...and also makes me sad!! It's so fun to see learn everything, but in another way I wish he could stay little forever!

It's been pretty nice out lately, so we've been doing picnics outdoors and Henry loves it!! Henry's recent love is, basketball, football, doesn't matter! We can roll the ball back and forth forever it seems!

We were on a roll with cute photos, until I turned away for a minute, looked back and somehow this little guy got my gatorade top off and he had purple all down the front on him...and he was licking his lips :)

Being a mommy is awesome...I wouldn't trade it in for anything!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Future Swimmer???

We took Henry for his first swim last night...and he absolutely LOVED it!!! We got there and thought we forgot the camera, however Henry had his iPhone so he captured a couple videos!! Henry swam for 40 minutes non-stop...he's a natural with all his kicking!! Let's just say, he slept VERY well last night!

When I was changing his clothes to leave, I found the camera in one of the pockets of the bag...just too late!! There will be plenty more opportunities for better pics!

We are deciding between two gyms close to our house and once we decide we're enrolling Henry into swimming lessons!!!