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Friday, November 4, 2011

A case of 'All Baby Syndrome'

...or that's what the Perinatologist called it anyway! So all news today was good. Baby is weighing in at around 2lbs 9oz at this point, putting him/her in the 53rd percentile! If I were to go full term that would make for a 7 lb baby - so right on track as to where I was with Henry. We got some great photos of Baby #2, but he/she would not move the hand above the left eye. He/She was swallowing and opening up his/her mouth. Heart rate this morning was at 132 bpm.

So now that we're done worrying about this aspect, here is a great face picture the tech captured this morning. With my 20 week ultrasound I thought the baby looked a lot like Henry, but I'm not seeing it anymore. Guess we'll know in 12 short weeks, give or take a week or two.

Forgive me for the horrible quality of this photo. Henry left yesterday and we totally forgot to take a pic of the belly this weekend.

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