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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

13 weeks/3 months

Thomas - 13 weeks (3 months)

After our weekly photo this morning, I decided to dress the boys in matching outfits!  

Henry pushing the 'button' on Thomas' pants

Big blue eyes

Henry 'holding' Thomas...he's constantly asking to 'hold' him!

Getting better with the Bumbo - a little Jcrew crewcuts catalog to help!!

Just hanging out in the kitchen with mama

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Sunday in the park...

Last weekend was absolutely gorgeous!! Saturday was in the high 70s and Sunday reached almost 90! Saturday morning while I did my long run inside (so hard mentally), daddy and Henry mowed the lawn...or at least rode around on the tractor!  Thomas was a good little boy and slept the entire time.  
Sunday morning we went to 10:30am church.  We really should have looked more into what was going on because it was first communion Sunday, which meant it was loooooong and packed.  Daddy and Henry spent most of the mass in the back of the church :)  We got back from church, had a little lunch and Henry took a nice, long nap.

Thomas - almost 12 weeks

Thomas and I after church
 He woke up around 4pm and we headed over to the park.  He just LOVES to be outside.  He ran around the park for almost 2 hours.  It's all fenced in, which is great for us but daddy now realizes why at this juncture in our life I can't take both boys to the park alone.

Playing some music

Mr. Independent

LOVING the slide - static and all

Taking a break

Watching the big kids

Driving the fire engine

So my pictures are a little out of order, but here are a few from Saturday!!
Helping dada mow the lawn

Getting so big!

Loving his tractors

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A day in the life of a mama with 2 kiddos under 2...

As I sit here relaxing in silence, I reflect back on my day. I love the life I have and wouldn't want it any other way. I never thought it would be easy, and I sometimes wonder if I'm doing the best for our boys. We definitely have our good times and bad, many more good than bad. Henry is getting so much better with Thomas and Thomas is getting so much bigger and is able to interact so much more.

A typical Thursday...

5:40 am - Thomas wakes up, I change him, nurse him, burp him and put him back to bed (all within 15 minutes)

6:30 am - Henry starts to stir. He plays in his crib for awhile, I watch him on the monitor for a few minutes before I go and get him. We pick out his clothes for the day, brush his teeth and head downstairs to play. Henry helps me make coffee while his milk warms up.

7:00 am - Henry drinks his milk in 'his' chair while I put on some cartoons (I know - bad mommy but it works) I run upstairs and get a little ready so I don't look too disheveled when I drop Henry off at school. Thomas starts to stir so I go over to get him out of the cradle. Best moment of the day - his smile when he sees mommy!!

7:30 am - Feed Henry breakfast (banana and oatmeal). While he eats that I make his lunch for school (turkey, spinach and cheese wrap, yogurt, strawberries)

7:50 am - Nurse Thomas before we leave while Henry runs around and plays for a little bit.

8:00 am - Dress Henry and get the boys ready to leave. I put Henry in the car first, come back in and grab Thomas along with Henry's school bag. Do a double check to make sure I'm not forgetting anything and off we go!

8:20 am- Drop Henry off at school (luckily his school is only 3 1/2 minutes away from our house!) I carry Henry's bag, Thomas in carseat and carry Henry up to school (there are too many cars at that time to let Henry walk) It's definitely a challenge, especially with Thomas getting bigger, but that constitutes my arm workout for the day :)

8:45 am - Arrive at grocery store. We ran out of coffee creamer (sort of an emergency for me!) and bananas and such. It's a quick trip and we're in and out within 20 minutes

9:15 am - We arrive back home and enjoy some tummy time together. Thomas and I play for awhile until he gets tired

9:45 am - I nurse Thomas - Thomas falls asleep, I put him in his swing with monitor on him. I go downstairs to do a 3 mile run.

10:15 am- Thomas is still asleep so I go and take a shower - this part of the day can be a challenge with 2 kiddos, but 99% of the time I'm able to conquer a shower

11:00 am - Thomas wakes up, I'm finished getting ready, so we just play and laugh together

12:05 pm - I nurse Thomas before heading to school to pick of Henry. I pack Thomas up in the carseat, put him in car and we're off to get brother

12:25 pm - We arrive at school to get Henry - he's always so excited to see us

12:50 pm - I give Henry his milk before nap and he just relaxes for a little bit. I quickly make my usual lunch - turkey, spinach and cheese wrap

1:00 pm - I take Henry upstairs, kiss him and put him in his crib - he's out within minutes. While Henry naps, Thomas and I get some more one on one time. He's tired...

2:00 pm - I nurse Thomas and he falls asleep. I read my book and just kick back for a little bit

3:00pm - Henry starts to stir. I go upstairs to get my bugaboo and we come downstairs. He's asking for a snack so we get an apple out of the refrigerator and his water and sit in the living room together.

We play trucks for a long while - he's obsessed with them and the action figures my mom found this past weekend. It's funny to see the action figures (like super heros) driving his tractors

4:00 - Thomas wakes up and wants to eat. I feed him and promise Henry that we'll go outside - he's obsessed with both the word and the place. I burp Thomas and he spits up a little on me, I quickly go upstairs to change and come back down to pack the boys up for walk. I put Thomas in his carseat and he decides to spit up again, only this time a lot more. It's all over the his clothes and the carseat itself. Great... So I go upstairs again to grab a new outfit for him and come back down to change all his clothes. All this time, Henry is being VERY patient! I get him dressed, put a blanket in the carseat after I wiped it out, and put him back in it.

4:30 pm - Both boys are in stroller and off we go on our walk. The loop in our neighborhood is 1 mile with a killer hill halfway though. Since we now have the double stroller, Henry, carseat and Thomas it weighs approx 60 lbs fully loaded. Now that's a killer workout...

4:50 pm - We arrive back home (Henry only lasts so long in the stroller and today he wanted to run!!) I let him play (in the dirt - hey it's bath night and boys will be boys) He played in this same spot with his garden tools from my mom for 25 straight minutes - WOW!!

5:15 pm - We go inside, scrub our hands and start preparing our glorious dinner of grilled cheeses. Daddy's out of town all week and it it National Grilled Cheese day, so we had to honor it, especially since Henry LOVES them. He really enjoys helping me make them, he butters the bread for me...sort of!

5:30 pm - We eat dinner together while Thomas sleeps (he fell asleep on walk)

6:00 pm - Thomas starts to fuss so I feed him and take him upstairs to bed - he's out by 6:15

6:30 pm - Give Henry a bath. It was nice to actually play with him instead of hurry through the bath. It's usually Thomas' fussy time but since he's asleep we're able to blow bubbles and splash away!

6:50 pm - Henry picks his books out, I start to read them and only get through one before he said 'all done' and 'light off.' He helps me turn his light off and by 6:55 pm he's in bed

7:00 pm - I go and check on Thomas - he's out. I wash my face and go downstairs to catch up on bills and stuff. I eat a snack and put on some t.v. I honestly don't really enjoy watching t.v. but it's sometimes nice just to have background noise

8:00 pm - And here I am finishing this blog. After this I too will be in bed awaiting yet another busy day tomorrow. It's suppose to be beautiful and daddy comes home - YAY!!! We're looking forward to the weekend - it's suppose to be in the 80s!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a great family weekend. Friday night after the kids were in bed, we made our entire dinner on the grill...and it was SO good!! We grilled 2 whole branzino fish, sweet potatoes and grilled veggies. It was nice to just kick back and relax with the hubby!
Saturday we got up with the kiddos and relaxed for a little while. I did my 8 mile run, daddy mowed the grass and then we packed everybody up into the car for our 1 1/2 drive home to Camp Hill. Both boys slept the entire way so it was just Henry and I with some quiet time!
We arrived home around 2:30 and headed over to Henry's brother Patrick's apartment for a BBQ. It was such great weather so we were all able to hang out with friends and family. That evening we cooked a ham dinner at Henry's parents house and my parents came over to enjoy. it was a great low key night. Sunday we all went to church together and then came back to Henry's parents to enjoy the rest of the day. My sister-in-law Asia came home, Mary (Henry's sister), her husband and their 10 kids came over and a neighborhood couple stopped by. It was a little crazy with all the kids (which is to be expected). They all said they were watching Henry and once when we went to check on him, Athan the 5 year old was 'watching him!'
We got on the road around 2:30 to come home and Henry was so exhausted from playing with all the kids. Again both boys slept the entire way home.
After playing with the boys, bathing both of them and putting them to bed, Henry and I decided it was a great night for some burgers! We called it an early night since Henry had to leave for the airport Monday morning at 5am.

Grandpa's buddy

First attempt before feeding Thomas - not so great

Take 2 - much happier and relaxed!

Brotherly love

Henry trying on mommy's 5 inch heels!

Love this one!

...and Henry found the candy tray

Grandma and her boys

Henry with his 10 cousins (Thomas was sleeping)

Grandpa C with all the cousins - Thomas

Loving the swing

Thursday, April 5, 2012

10 Weeks...and growing!

We have our 2 month appointment today (10 days late) so I'll be back to let you know how much he's grown!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Imaginary Play

Henry is for sure 110% boy!! As of late all he wants to play with are his John Deere tractors. He has such an imagination and loves just to play by himself. The conversations he has are hilarious...especially since he doesn't talk complete sentences yet. They go somewhat like this..."Ready, set, go," "Bbbbbrrrrr," "All done, " "Ok," "Again?," "1, 2, 3" and so on. He just repeats it over and over again. (btw our neighbor is a huge fan of John Deere and has bought Henry over 10 toy tractors so far...craziness!)

Love him!!

Taking a reading break - all while sitting on the tractor!

Mmmm, chocolate frozen yogurt

...and he LOVES lemons