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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

28 week status

I had my 28 week appointment today, and since Dr. K was on call I went to another doc in the practice. What was planned to be an uneventful appointment, turned around on me. I arrived at 9:45am, left my sample and was called back immediately - which is always a plus.

No protein in the urine - great thing for my history!

BP: remained golden - 110s/60s

Weight gain: Thus far I've gained 11 lbs

I then went into the exam room and baby C's heartrate was in the 140s and he/she was kicking like crazy - the nurse and I were laughing
Once the nurse left, I heard she and the doctor chatting outside the room about platelets...yes there were other patients but I was almost sure they were talking about me. Dr. S came into the room and then asked me when I had HELLP (Hemolysis, Elevated Liver Enzymes and Low Platelets) syndrome last time. I then explained to her that it was at 38 weeks 3 days, my day of delivery. I've been trying to get my medical records from my prior practice for 22 weeks now, very frustrating!! She then explained to me that my platelets were low at 128 (normal is 150-400) and that I would need to get them rechecked at 34 weeks and at that point we'll keep an extra close eye on them. Remember, most anesthesiologists won't administer an epidural with platelets below 100. Not that I'm banking on that this time around, since last time I wasn't allowed with a platelet count of 60, just if I have to get induced again it's something to think about. Good thing from this news: The blood work was from my gestational diabetes test; which I passed!

Dr. S then proceeded to measure my belly. I measured at 25 weeks (which is exactly the same time I measured small last time around) so I am scheduled for an ultrasound this coming Friday morning. She assumes that it's just how I carry, but we're going to be on the safe side and check.

I could use a couple extra prayers and I will keep you all posted with my news this Friday.

Keep cooking Baby C!!

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  1. Tara you will be in our thoughts and prayers! I am sure everything will be just fine with Baby C : )