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Monday, December 12, 2011

33 week status

Last Wednesday (12/7) I had my appointment with Dr. K. I had a sitter come and watch Henry (even though daddy had a home office day - he can't really be on calls and watch the lil guy at the same time) and I'm super happy I made the decision. My appt was at 9:15am and only had to wait in the waiting room for like 5 minutes. Well once I got back to the room, the patient beside me had some sort of emergent event happen, therefore I had to wait a LONG time in the room. I didn't mind really, but if I had the little guy it would have been pretty painful.

BP: 120/80 - slightly higher than normal and fairly high for me, but still in the normal range

No protein in urine

Weight: I actually lost a pound (Yikes), total pregnancy weight gain - 14 lbs

Baby's HR: 159

So an hour or so later (after many apologies from the nurse), Dr. K walked it. He measured my belly and I'm currently measuring at 29 weeks - so about 4 weeks off (he contributes it to me be thin and having a long torso). Because of this I am getting an ultrasound this Thursday, along with starting weekly appointments. So this Thursday I will have my ultrasound, get my blood work done and have an appointment. Let's just hope that the baby is just tucked away in there and hasn't stopped growing! With this news I also get to start drinking Ensure Plus - who's jealous?? I also was told to rest more (hard to do with an almost 16 month old) and lay low on the exercising.

33 week photo:

(Don't mind the mess on the bathroom floor - that's what it looks like when I let Henry play while I try and get ready :))

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