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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Henry's 16 months old :)

Henry's 16 month birthday fell on my 29th birthday - so we did a little celebrating together!! We spend our morning cuddling up on the couch with books and singing - he played his Leapfrog birthday cake over and over and over for me :) After lunch we went for a car ride (while jamming to some Christmas music) and Henry had his second haircut. This little guy has so much hair - it's crazy! He was very good at his appointment amazingly (lately he seems like he has ants in his pants 24/7).

New favorites:

He loves throwing things away and he's such a neat freak. He picks up every pine needle he finds on the floor and walks over to the trash to throw it away!

He loves reading me his books and we're really working on his vocabulary. Newest saying is when you ask him what Santa says "Ho, ho, ho"

He LOVES to go up and down the stairs - we play a little game where I throw the ball up the stairs onto the landing and he chases it. It's great exercise for the lil man!

He loves to push his umbrella stroller all around the basement. He also enjoys climbing on the treadmill and pretending to run (like mommy!)

Henry still loves himself a grilled cheese. He is such a great eater - he even loves brussel sprouts just like his mama

A new thing : He will come over and rub my belly and then pretend to cry like a baby - it's hilarious. My mom brought him my old magic bottle baby doll and he imitates the noises that the bottle makes :)

He LOVES his milk! He drinks 24 oz a day and would drink more if I would let him. We're working on getting him to drink it cold - but he still prefers to have it slightly warm, whatever works!

He's been sleeping from roughly 7pm-6/6:30am. He still takes two naps, but I think I may cut it down to one soon - we'll see!

He has his first set of molars in and overall has done great with them coming in. Total teeth count is 12.

I'm sure I'm leaving out a lot, but this mama is tired and going to retire for the evening.

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