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Saturday, December 17, 2011

34 Week Ultrasound

Thursday I had another ultrasound to make sure that baby is growing. I was a little anxious going into the appointment. Amazingly enough - baby already weighs 4 lbs 6 oz and is measuring just under the 50% percentile. Such a relief!! Everything else looks great with Baby C #2. He/She was being a little stubborn and wouldn't turn over so that we could see the face clearly enough to get a 4D shot - but I can't complain because I already have two great ones.

After the ultrasound, I went to the lab to get my blood work done. I should know the results of that by my next appointment which is this coming Wednesday.

Then, after my blood work, I had an appointment to check my weight, BP, urine, and heartbeat.

Weight - I gained a pound. According to them I've now gained 15 lbs.

BP - 120/78; still a little high for me so we're watching that closely

No protein in urine

Baby's HR - 136

I'm now measuring at 28 weeks - 6 weeks behind. A little strange since last week I measured at 29 weeks. The doc was just thankful for ultrasounds, otherwise they'd be greatly concerned with the size of my tummy.

Overall I'm feeling great - no complaints really!

If I follow suit as to when I had Henry - I only have 4 weeks left - WOW!!

That's it for now - have a great weekend!

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