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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Almost 38 weeks!!

Yesterday was my almost 38 week appointment and another ultrasound. All is going well thus far. My weight is down another pound - however I'm blaming the stomach bug I had last week! My BP was a little high for me 120/80, but nothing off the charts. Baby's HR was 128-130 on ultrasound and doppler.

I had my ultrasound first. It's pretty neat having one this far along. Baby C had a case of the hiccups and you could see his/her belly going in and out. You could also see Baby C practicing their breathing techniques via the ribs going in and out. We didn't get any good photos since it's harder once the baby is this far along and takes up so much space. Baby was a little over 6 lbs and my fluid levels looked great. All great news.

Next I had my weekly appointment with Dr. K. I'm 2 cm dilated, still 70% effaced and the head is in position (thus the reason I'm feeling SO much pressure lately).

I've been having the cramping contractions, but nothing shorter than 8 minutes apart and then they subside over time. We've been doing A LOT of walking to help progress labor, but the baby will tell us when he/she is ready!

Here's a few pics just because...

(We visited Nana over New Year's weekend)

(Our little cheeser with his new favorite toy)

(I tried sauce for the first time last week and I seriously walked away for a minute to put something in the sink and this is what I came back to!!!!)

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  1. I love Henry's little vacuum!! How exciting that he is going to have a little brother or sister soon! Hope all goes well for you guys!!