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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Henry's 1st Birthday Week

Where did the time go? I feel like it was just yesterday that daddy and I were severely sleep deprived yet cuddling up with our 6 pound baby and loving every second of it! Yes of course we're loving every minute of Henry still, it's just amazing how much he has changed!

(Henry Lyons; seconds after he was born)

(Henry Lyons; thoroughly enjoying his first birthday cake!)

Henry's birthday week was filled with fun and activities! His actual birthday fell on a Tuesday, so we headed to King of Prussia mall to 1) beat the heat and 2) do a little shopping and lunch to celebrate! I was shopping at Nordstroms and a lady working there gave him a blue balloon so he was in heaven the remainder of the day. When we got home he couldn't go anywhere without it - he cracks me up. Wednesday daddy came home from his business meetings so we enjoyed cupcakes together to celebrate - Henry just kept looking at us like "I can really have this?" On Thursday, Grammy (my mom) came to help get ready for the big party which was to take place on Saturday. We had a lot of work ahead of us since I decided to make everything from scratch -- with my mom's help of course! Friday was a super busy day with Henry's 12 month checkup in the morning, his first happy meal for lunch (I felt so badly for all those shots he got) and then we spent the remainder of the day making lots and lots of food!

Side note:

Henry's stats;
Weight: 19 lbs 14 oz -- 10th percentile
Length: 29 1/4 in -- 32nd percentile

He also got his MMR, Varicella, and Hep A shots and did amazingly. They also poked his toe to check his hemoglobin and lead -- he talked through this!

Back to our week. Friday night my dad came to help out with lawn work and the manly activities. Around 9 pm, my mom and I were finishing up our cupcakes and the power goes out. We patiently wait for it to come back on, however come 10 pm we just decide to go to bed and finish them in the morning. I was freaking out just because I was without baby monitor when going to bed, however I got through it and by 11:15 pm the power came back on. I went downstairs to turn the slow cooker (which was cooking my 10 lb pork shoulder for pulled pork) back on and back to bed I went. Saturday morning came and my mom and I worked very hard in the kitchen getting all the last minute food make and out on the table. Henry cooperated very well and took an almost 2 hour nap in the morning which was key being that his party started at 1 pm - his normal afternoon nap time. My bff Alex came an hour early to help out which was AWESOME, since I still needed to jump in the shower. What matters is that by 1 pm all the food was prepared and out ready to be served, everyone was ready and the lil man was in a great mood (thankfully the shots had zero effect on him!) We had 40-50 people here for the party and it was such a great day. We couldn't have asked for better weather, it was 75-80 degrees out in mid August (I can still remember leaving the hospital 1 year ago on this same weekend, and after being cooped up in a cold hospital for a week I practically melted once I stepped foot outside).

I will do another post just for birthday photos, but I will just say, Henry really enjoyed his cake. It was hilarious watching him eat it. It was so messy that we took him outside, stripped his diaper off, let him crawl around while we hosed off his highchair. He got his second bath for the day after, which was much needed.

My mom and I were exhausted and Sunday was a day of cleaning up the house and RELAXING! My mom stayed until Monday night which was great. We then were able to actually spend some quality time together with the lil guy!

Now I just need to find a place for all of these new toys.

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  1. Sounds like a great party!! I can't wait to see all the pictures : ) Are you and your mom up for cooking for Lauren's party too, ha ha?!?!