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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake - in Pa?!?!

Yes you read it correctly, we experienced an earthquake here in PA. It actually originated in Virginia and resonated up to New York. Let me just tell you, I practically had a heart attack. There I was rocking Henry to sleep for his nap and I hear a sound, kind of like when it's REALLY windy out. I peak out the window and it's not windy at all. Then all of a sudden I look through the Jack n Jill bathroom into the quest bedroom and I seriously see the 2 twin beds moving. I freak out, hurry out of Henry's room - leaving my phone behind, and race down the stairs and out the back door. I grab our house phone on the way out and I'm convinced our house is going to collapse. They are doing construction on the lot very close by and I'm thinking that maybe they hit something underground. I go to call Henry and realize our house phone isn't working and I don't know any ones number really. The only thing I can think of is to grab my car keys and back the car out of the garage and strap Henry into his seat so that I can run back in the house to grab my cell phone. It takes me 40 very frustrating minutes to get a hold of Henry. He then educates me that we were hit by a 5.9 earthquake. Of course he's in Atlanta on business and this could never happen when he's here :) After my heart palpitations ceased, we went back inside and watched the news. I was seriously shaking for a while, super scary! There goes my thought of ever moving to California, I'm sure one get's 'use' to it, however I like the ground I walk on to be a bit more sturdy.

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