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Monday, August 8, 2011

15+ weeks pregnant

It's amazing how quickly time has been passing us by! I love watching Henry reach new milestones and turn into a little boy, however I'm trying not to blink because this first year is going by TOO fast! This pregnancy is flying by as well! I remember last time when I'd be counting the weeks and now I'm stunned to believe that I'm already 4 months pregnant. Craziness right?!?!
I've been watching my friend Erin's baby a few times when she has to work, so we had a little play date last week. Molly seems more into the photo session than Henry.

Since my blood pressure went through the roof during labor with Henry, I'm a little paranoid that it will do the same thing this time so I'm constantly taking my blood pressure. Ok maybe not all the time, but when I get headaches I do. Just want to keep on my toes, even though my blood pressure has been great so far. My blood pressure cuff has become a favorite toy of Henry's; future doctor, maybe!

Last weekend Henry's parents came down with two of the cousins for the night. Henry loves it when Grandma C wears her glasses, it's always a fun game of taking them off!

We received a preview of Henry's pics that were taken a little while ago, and I'm falling in love with them. How am I going to pick which ones we put up on the walls??

Anyway, that's our week in a nutshell. It rained all day yesterday, so we were busy finding indoor activities to keep us busy. I'm pretty sure I built towers with blocks for hours straight and he just couldn't get enough of it. We also colored a picture for daddy, played ball, rode around in our wagon and Henry took 3 steps on his own!!!

Prayers are being sent for lil miss Tory today. Let's hope she does a flip-a-roo for Heather's sake!!

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  1. Thanks for the prayers! Much appreciated ... I know they helped give us a successful ECV!

    I can't believe Henry will be 1 year old next week! How time has flown by ... and you're already 15 weeks pregnant! Are you guys planning to learn the baby's gender this time?