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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mother's Helper

So I finally caved and hired a 'mother's helper'.  I feel so guilty doing this, however with Henry's crazy travel schedule I knew it was time.  She's a high school girl who has been coming from 3-6pm to just help out.  It's been great so far, especially with the heat we've been having.  I can only have Thomas outside for so long before he gets super sweaty and hot, whereas Henry would be out there all day if he had it his way.  Now I'm able to give baths, put Thomas to bed and make us dinner all without the added stress!  I only have her come the nights Henry is out of town, and little Henry is starting to warm up to her...and she surely wears him out!

Photos from the week:

All smiles

Brotherly love

My boys

Daddy and his boys

Mr Serious

Sitting all by himself, such a big boy!!

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  1. Tara, I can't believe how little Thomas looks just like you... they are so darn cute! Wished we all lived closer so we could see everyone more often. I told your mom if she ever needs a travel companion to Switzerland, I'd be more then happy to tag along...that would be so awesome!