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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Father's Day, Fourth of July and everything in between

As always, life has been a bit crazy here at the Charlton household...maybe even a bit more crazy with daddy's travel schedule.  For example, last Sunday Henry left for Switzerland, worked Monday and Tuesday and came back July 4th and we headed straight to the neighborhood BBQ.  The next few months will be crazy until this visa goes through, but we're surviving :)

Last weekend we had both families over - it was such great time!

Picking weeds with both Pop-pops

Gigi W snuck in a kiss :)


Such a happy boy

Boys at breakfast

Enjoying the neighborhood BBQ - and loved the feel of the grass

Slip n slide

Playing with Saxton

Beating the 100 degree heat

100 ft slip n slide + cocktails = craziness

He just LOVES the water

For Father's day we headed to the zoo.  For members they opened an hour early, that way we could beat the crowds.

Father's Day at the zoo

Happy Father's Day

Watching the ducks

Just chillin

Henry and his tractor

Not so sure of the goats

Mama and her boys

Loving aunt Asia and uncle Thomas' doggie

Thomas and Henry traded feeding spots

Surf and Turf

Grandma Lohse would be proud

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  1. Looks like you have been having a BLAST this summer : ) The boys are getting so big. Wish we could get together for a playdate this summer so all the little ones could play!