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Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Sunday in the park...

Last weekend was absolutely gorgeous!! Saturday was in the high 70s and Sunday reached almost 90! Saturday morning while I did my long run inside (so hard mentally), daddy and Henry mowed the lawn...or at least rode around on the tractor!  Thomas was a good little boy and slept the entire time.  
Sunday morning we went to 10:30am church.  We really should have looked more into what was going on because it was first communion Sunday, which meant it was loooooong and packed.  Daddy and Henry spent most of the mass in the back of the church :)  We got back from church, had a little lunch and Henry took a nice, long nap.

Thomas - almost 12 weeks

Thomas and I after church
 He woke up around 4pm and we headed over to the park.  He just LOVES to be outside.  He ran around the park for almost 2 hours.  It's all fenced in, which is great for us but daddy now realizes why at this juncture in our life I can't take both boys to the park alone.

Playing some music

Mr. Independent

LOVING the slide - static and all

Taking a break

Watching the big kids

Driving the fire engine

So my pictures are a little out of order, but here are a few from Saturday!!
Helping dada mow the lawn

Getting so big!

Loving his tractors

Enjoy your weekend!

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