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Monday, July 11, 2011

All the right numbers

We had our hematology appointment today and I'm very happy to say it will be our last (unless something very rare occurs)! Henry's platelets were 293 (normal range 150-400). He did amazing with the arm stick, he whimpered a little when they inserted the needle, but then was immediately fine! The hardest part of the appointment was waiting for the results. It was a full house there, but you can't get upset because it's the oncology clinic as well so there are some very sick children there getting their chemo for the week. Henry didn't mind the wait at all because the have an amazing waiting room full of trucks and balls, all of his favorites!

Almost 11 month stats (with his clothes on) :

Weight: 19 lbs

Length: 29 inches

Newest loves: He has finally mastered clapping and can make noise with it - which makes him laugh, he has also learned to blow kisses - melts my heart!

I can't believe that on Saturday he'll be 11 months old, where did the time go? Each morning I fall in love with him more and more (if that's possible). I truly can't imagine life without him :)

(Cheap toy!)

Henry's sister was super generous and put a swing in the tree for Henry over 4th of July weekend...he was in love.

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