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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our lil peanut

We had our (delayed, because Henry's doc was on vaca) 9 month appointment on Tuesday and here are the numbers:

Weight: 18lbs 6oz (11.41%)
Height: 27.75 in (21.81%)

So he's gained about a pound since his 6 month appointment and grown an inch. I blame the weight on the fact that he seriously can't sit still. We're almost out of his 9 month clothes and I really don't like the fact that a lot of companies do 0-3 month, 3-6 month and then 6-12 months. I mean, they grow a lot in that time period. We've been wearing a lot of rompers just because they are a no hassle way of getting dressed each day and it keeps him cool in this heat wave we're experiencing.

New milestones; more cruising around the furniture, more standing without holding onto anything and he keeps practicing standing solo from his knees/sitting position, but we're not quite there yet. He LOVES pulling all his toys out of his basket and taking each book out of the basket while looking at me and then dropping it on the ground and laughing! He LOVES feeding himself and has become quite independent. We're saying dada a lot, however we keep practicing mama and he continues to say dada and smiles.

Feeding; he will eat anything and he really is the greatest eater. We're still on our non-soy/non-milk based formula, however I got the ok to start weaning him onto a milk-based formula to see if he tolerates it. I'm going to wait until we get back from NE to start that just because I don't want him to have tummy aches there! Once he's tolerating the new formula, we can introduce him to foods with milk in them and then hopefully (crossing my fingers) we can start whole milk at 12 months. They won't send us for testing unless by 15 months he's still not tolerating milk. I have to admit that's the hardest part right now with feeding him. I can't just give him anything, I have to read each ingredient to make sure it doesn't contain any milk or soy or any of their proteins. That REALLY limits our variety so I just make everything myself for now.

We are really looking forward to next week! Henry's getting on his first big plane and visiting all the family in Nebraska. Henry's super excited to see all the puppies and cousins...and of course wear his tux!!

"Look no hands!"

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