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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My mom's banana bread...bittersweet

We had yet another wedding this past weekend, so my parents came to our place so that we could make the drive and stay over instead of having to rush home. It was a nice little date night, however I'll admit I can't sleep in anymore. I was up at 6am like clock work!
The wedding was beautiful and they could not have wished for better weather (especially since it was an outdoor wedding)! It was also a mini college reunion! Four of my closer friends from nursing school were there, 1 being the groom. We truly had such an amazing time!

My mom decided to take Monday off so that she could spend the day with Henry and I. It worked out great since (big) Henry had to leave for business Sunday night. My mom decided to bake me banana bread since I've had a huge craving for it lately (or always :)). I say it was 'bittersweet' just because for those of you that know my mom's baking abilities, "you can't just have one (slice)!" That being said, I ate the entire loaf (minus the 2 pieces my mom ate) in 1 day, yes, ONE day! With all this nausea I'm experiencing, in Henry's words: "At least you got your caloric intake for the day." Let's just say it was that good and I didn't feel the slightest bit guilty for doing it :) The worst part, I woke up today and could have really used a piece or 3 of it!

After saying that, I should probably go downstairs and run a few calories off, but I've opted to sit here and blog instead!

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