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Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy 9 months lil guy!! We missed you!

(Spending his 9 month birthday with Grandma...doesn't get much better!)

It always feels great to be home from vacation in a way, however this time I just couldn't wait to get home. Not because it wasn't an amazing time (because it was absolutely amazing and relaxing) but I missed out little man SO much! It's so hard to leave him behind, he's my life! We left our house Wednesday morning at 2 am (we flew out of New Yorks JFK so that we could have a direct flight both ways) so we said our goodbyes Tuesday night. We made it home safely Sunday night, but didn't get to our house until 10:30/11pm ish. I couldn't resist the urge, so I went up and just rocked Henry for a couple of minutes. He's such a snugglebug and I can never get enough. What made it even harder was that I had to be a work this morning for a class, so I left the house before he wakes up. He's a smart kiddo because just as I was getting ready to head out the door, he started to whine/cry so I had to give him a hug. Thesmile on his face when he saw me just made me melt!
Luckily we got out of class 2 hours early so I rushed home to be with my mom and lil Henry! I swear he got so much longer since I left! I was so afraid that he was going to sprout his first tooth when we were gone, but he didn't! He must have listened to me, I mean I stay home with him all day so that I don't miss anything! I did feel his gums this afternoon and sure's FINALLY coming through!

If that isn't enough, today marks Henry's 9 month birthday!! How
crazy is that?!?! As far as milestones go;
  • he is a speed crawler...seriously fast,
  • he is pulling himself up on everything and cruising around while standing,
  • he is a nonstop talker and I love it when we giggle together,
  • he has the best appetite I've ever seen and will eat anything, and
  • he will chase his soccer ball for hours around the house
I'm sure there are many things I've forgotten, but you get the point, I'm one busy momma!!

Back to our trip.

I can't even describe in words how wonderful it was. We hiked the mountain, relaxed on the beach with our cool mint towels and lemongrass water :), we ate at places that were no more than shacks with some of the greatest food I've ever indulged in, we snorkeled in the middle of the ocean, we visited 2 original sugar mills of the island and slept almost 10 hours each night! It was much needed and only healthy for us to get away for a vaca!

(Dinner at Mangos)

(Enjoying a cocktail on the Catamaran before we snorkel)

Back to unpacking and laundry, always the worst part of a vacation!


  1. Happy 9 months Henry!

    Glad you had a great time on your trip!! It looks AMAZING : )

  2. Happy 9 months Henry! Hard to believe he's getting so big already. Look at how much his hair has grown! So excited to see you guys next month!!! :)

    Glad to hear you had a great vacation as well. You deserved it! Can't wait to hear all about it.