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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Henry's first 'real' playdate

Sure, Henry's had a few playdates here and there with my all my friends babies, but today topped the charts. It's crazy, it seems like everyone on my floor at the hospital is either pregnant or just had a baby. It makes it even crazier when the parents make comments like "wow, EVERYONE here is pregnant, there must be something in the water!" Well that statement is certainly true! At this playdate alone, 14 of the 16 most recent prego nurses brought their kiddos, and some even had older ones to add to the total! Henry was great, he held hands with one of the girls and she was 16 months old...going after the older ladies already ;) All of us girls had such a great time catching was definitely needed! We attempted a group photo, but I'm sure you can all guess what happened!

Just when we get most of the kiddos on the couch, the older ones with a very short attention span get up, Henry tries to sit up by himself and ends up falling between the two pillows (yep that's him next to Avery, the girl with the pink shirt...she was pulling his binky out the entire time we were trying to take pictures, he didn't mind, I think he liked the attention!) and Nicholas started crying! This was our best attempt!

At least they all knew how to share...can they possibly fit another baby on this mat!

We can't wait for the next one! We're starting a little tradition and meeting once a month because it's amazing how much these little kiddos will change in that short of a time period!!

Henry had so much fun that once I snapped him into the car he was out...even before I left her development!

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  1. that's so cute :) it'll be fun to see how the babies grow each month!