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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two blogs in one day...why not?!?!

Oh what a day it's been!! Everything was going as planned: we got up around 7ish and the cleaners arrived around 8am. We played ALL morning; sang, read, rolled over until I was dizzy, Henry took his nap, I packed for the week (I was going home to Camp Hill so that I could take my mom to her appointment Thursday), the cleaners left around 2ish. I had all bags by the back door ready to put them in the car (it still amazes me how much stuff you have to bring with you even if it's only for 2 days!!!), I walked into the garage and saw what looked to me like a waterfall!! One of the bathroom pipes must have broken and it was coming out of the ceiling at a serious rate!! I immediately called Henry, he told me to "put the phone down and go out and take the ladder downstairs so you can shut off all the valves, I say put the phone down because the ladder is very heavy!" He wasn't kidding, that ladder weighs more than me I took all my strength to get it in from the garage and down the stairs...but I did it. A little side note: the baby was crying during this whole ordeal which only made it more stressful! He had one of his co-workers who lives a mile away come over to help me and as it stands now, we still have the water shut off! Henry decided to leave his meeting early and fly home from Virginia tonight...not gonna lie...selfishly happy that he is coming home early!!! Plan is to have the plumber come out tomorrow to fix everything...we are just lucky that it was the bathroom above the garage and not the one above the kitchen!!!

So since I had an unplanned day here at home, why not snap some photos!!!

The cheeks:

Mommy caught me peaking!!

A little play time before bed

I mean, how bad of a day can I really have with this lil guy around!!!

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  1. Oh no! I hope your house is OK! I hate when stuff like that happens when Andi's not home. Women are not suppose to have to deal with that stuff!

    Baby Henry's so cute - love the one with the magazine. Ha!