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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New phrase...and new phase

Henry's all about wearing mine and daddy's shoes around the house!  He's actually very good at it too!  

Wearing daddy's slippers
 Henry really is growing to love his brother...thankfully!! :)  Whenever Thomas cries Henry will offer him his "drink" or his "bee bee" (binky - we're working on getting that one out the door, but he's only using it for naps and sleeping now!!)  He just loves to lay down next to him when we're playing on the floor...and he always wants to hold him and now tries to pick him up :)

He loves his brother

Blurry but here's Mr. Smiles!

Daddy's running shoes...

Big smiles

Wishing he could run in the race with Mommy this Sunday!

Such a big boy

Newest love: Corn on the cob

New Phrase: Peeeeaaaaase Mommy for everything!!!  It melts my heart!  In the morning from his crib he faces the monitor and says "Peeeeaaase Mommy, all done" or "Pease Mommy treat(fruit snacks!)".  I love it.  He's also big into telling you where he would like you to sit.

Sunday was a big day here at the Charltons, Thomas rolled over from tummy to back.  He'd been trying to perfect it for some time but always got stuck on his side, but we were all able to catch a first of his many milestones!

It's race week here 10 mile race is this Sunday which means I can't get injured before then!

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  1. Love it! Both boys are getting SO big! Lauren has entered the I DO IT stage. Can't wait to get the kiddos together one of these days : )

    Good luck on your race Sunday! I wish I had your motivation!