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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

6 weeks

Our little bugaboo is 6 weeks old already!!

I also had my lovely 6 week check-up today and all is well! I got the go to get back into running and I have 8 weeks to train for the 10-miler I'm doing May 6th. I really wanted to run tonight, however it was a busy day with Thomas's re-check appointment (he still has a cough but is doing really well!!!!) and my appointment after. It was 65 and sunny here today so after Henry's nap we headed outside and I did 2 laps of our neighborhood (for those of you who've been here, that's still a pretty good workout...roughly 2 miles). Tomorrow while Henry's in school I plan to run 3 miles, most likely very slowly :)
Here's our little photo shoot we did today before daddy headed to the airport!

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  1. Wow six weeks already!! He is growing up so fast : )