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Friday, March 9, 2012

11 questions

I was tagged to participate in a game by my cousin at in Simply Jen

Post a picture of yourself, tell us 11 things we might not know about you, answer the 11 questionsasked of you, then write 11 new questions and tag some friends to play along
(let them know you tagged them!)

Wow having kiddos really changes the photo gallery - this is the last picture I have of myself where we meant to take it of just me (well minus the pics Henry took of me before having Thomas - but I don't look too comfortable!!) This is from when we went to St. Kitts and Nevis last May...oh sunshine and warm weather!!

Hmm...11 things you may not know about this mama -

1) Ever since having kids, I've become a home body. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy going out - it's just so much less stressful than going out to dinner or what not with them

2) I really enjoy going to church. It's my quiet time and I truly look forward to it each week

3) I'm slightly obsessed with running - the past 6 weeks (and a few months prior) I've been drooling over the fact that training was at the end of the tunnel finally :)

4) Being disorganized really stresses me out and since having kids it's a little harder finding the time to get things done and still get my quality time with them - thus the reason I just take a deep breath now and walk away from the clutter - it will always be there but they will always be this small for so long (my excuse mom ;))

5) My eyes are grey and drab and I'm super jealous of my bro's ocean blue eyes

6) I don't answer my phone all the time - even when I probably should. I'm not a big phone talker and get a little frustrated when Henry calls someone and hands the phone to me to talk to them too

7) I all too often don't say what I really think because I don't like confrontation

8) When Henry is away (which has been a lot lately) I go to bed after putting Henry to sleep and cleaning the kitchen. I'd rather read than watch any sort of tv. For example - I was asleep last night at 8:15 pm

9) I'd LOVE to live in the south but wouldn't do it anytime soon because family is too important

10) When Henry and I go out all I need is my I.D. and chapstick - I'm obsessed with chapstick

11) Ever since being pregnant, I can't eat chicken

*Now onto Jen's questions:

1. If you could be anywhere today where would it be?
I really miss my Nebraska family so I'd love to be there right now to catch up and get the kiddos together

2. What name do you love but would never name your child?
Love the name Madyn for a girl but we're sticking to family names...if we ever have a girl that is :)

3. What celebrity would you trade places with for a day?
That's hard one - I'm in love with Kelly Ripa (and actually have tickets in my desk drawer to see her). I'd love to have her spunk and craziness for the day

4. What do you want to be "known" for?
I want to leave a good impression for my family. I want them to know that I'm a loving mother who always had their best interest at heart and I want them to admire and look up to me

5. List three things you hated and loved about high school.
Hated: Cliques, drama and people who talked behind your back (they probably could all be categorized into 1)
Loved: Cheerleading, certain teachers who made an impression on me, the friends I had/have from that time period

6. What song would you sing if you tried out for American Idol?
Me sing...bad idea. Probably a song I love but not one that's all over the radio - can't think of any at this time

7. Favorite ride at an amusement park?
Definitely the biggest roller coaster

8. Strangest/most unique feature?
I have a big head (and so do both of our boys!). I got made fun of in middle school, but now I get compliments for my high cheek bones :)

9. Worst habit that you have?
Picking my cuticles - I'm really trying to give it up for lent

10. If you won the lottery what is the first thing you would purchase?
Selfish I know - but probably an exotic vaca somewhere...I could use one :)

11. Three words that best describe you...
Determined, healthy, kind

*And now for my 11 question:

- What is your dream job?

- What is your favorite vacation spot and/or where would you like to go?

- Who is your idol/hero?

- What is your favorite smell?

- What is your favorite childhood memory?

- What book(s) would you recommend reading?

- What is your guilty pleasure?

- If you could be anyone past or present, who would it be?

- 3 most important things in life?

- Favorite time of day and why?

- What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

I tag Alex


  1. I second the living in the south thing ... these winters are tough. I could totally deal with warm weather and a tan year round!!

  2. I pick my cuticles too ... such a bad habit but so hard to break!

    I think you resemble Kelly Ripa too!