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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A week at the beach

Never trust a weatherman! Of course I was hyper focused on the weather prior to going to the beach - checking it a couple (ok, way too many) times a day. They had projected rain all but 2 or our 8 days at the beach - a bummer: yes, but hey you're at the beach so life can't be too bad! It rained on our way down and then we didn't see rain again until we left the following Thursday night! It was a gorgeous 75-85 degrees each day. Each morning Henry (daddy), myself and lil Hen went for a run on the boardwalk. So refreshing each morning - and what a great way to start the day! We usually went to the pool in the morning after Henry's morning nap, came home for lunch (we were seriously 1 block from the pool/beach) and then went to the beach after Henry's nap! Needless to say, Henry was exhausted each night and slept super well!

Henry's parents stayed with us the entire week which was very nice. Daddy still had to do some calls (which he planned for Henry's naptime), so during Henry's naps, Henry's parents listened for the lil guy and I was able to go to the pool and/or beach and enjoy myself for a few hours! (Wow, there were a lot of Henry's in that little paragraph!!!) Friday we had Henry's younger brother, Henry's older brother and wife, and Henry's cousin. My parents had to work (bummer) and couldn't make it down.

Henry took to the beach like a fish in water. He just couldn't get enough of it. His first touch of sand was quite hilarious. He ate his fair share of sand and LOVED standing in the waves.

When we left for the beach Henry was walking really well, but still crawling every now and then. I couldn't believe how well he was walking in the sand. We came home to a lil boy who just RUNS everywhere!

We stayed in each night and cooked dinner, except for 1. Our last night we went to the Lobster House with Henry's parents. It was SO good and I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in lobster and shrimp!

Before we left, we had to get some family photos. We took a TON, but I thought I'd share a few with you!

All the laundry is FINALLY washed and put away and we're back to our usual routine. We've decided to make this a week we do each was that much fun!!

Now it's just time to put all the shorts and tees away and pull out the sweaters - crazy how quickly it got cold!


  1. :Looks like so much fun! Cant believe how big Henry is getting. Anxious to see him soon.

  2. Oh my Henry is so adorable!! You have the cutest little family. It looks like everyone had a blast.