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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The verdict...

In just a few short months, this will be home for us!  Henry got the job last week and I'm so proud of him.  As I type this, he is in France and the news is getting announced.  He is getting introduced to his new team and already planning meetings and agendas for them.  It's the end of the quarter also, so he still has his current position until July 1, so he's actually doing both jobs and I feel so badly for him.

Lake Geneva/Chillon Castle/Alps
A work visa in Switzerland isn't easy to come by, so with all the paperwork involved we most likely won't be leaving until November.  We are looking to live in either Geneva or Lausanne (lower left corner) as Henry's main office will be in between the two.  The two of us plan to go over sometime in July or August to look at places.  We will be getting a big enough place so that we can welcome visitors!

We took the boys yesterday to get their passports - just trying to get everything in line for this big move!


  1. WoW Tara that is so exciting!! What a great adventure to have together as a family : )

  2. Tara... that is so exciting!!!! What an opportunity... tell Henry congrats on his new position. Maybe we'll just have to come visit while you're living there.